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Speed up your Android virtual development with Intel Haxm

If you are annoyed with the slowness of the virtual android machines and are running an intel processor you can install Haxm which will speed up virtual android performance.

Download Haxm here

More info about Haxm with walkthrough

Mind = blown.. I just compiled and ran a C# console app on OSX Mac

This hurts my head a bit.

I just compiled and ran a C# console app on OSX Mac laptop on the terminal command line.. MV6 .. vNext is looking very interesting

Hold onto your seats everybody, development is getting crazier. Crazy awesome that is.

For a breakdown on what’s coming check out this blog post

  • Web Pages and MVC support HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Real-time bi-directional client-server communication is possible via SignalR
  • Web APIs support JSON and XML return formats
  • Fast startup time and low memory consumption
  • Running different versions of the ASP.NET vNext framework on the same server is supported (Side-by-Side deployment) vNext is fully open source and is on GitHub

More about ASP vNext here

What is really exciting is that now it is possible to develop vNext applications on OSX! Mac Development info here

You can skip to the good stuff on OSX vNext here

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