Access Mini-tutorial on changing the color of text in Reports

Really short tutorial in Access on how to change the color of a text box on a report. You can use this to create a “dashboard” style report.

Example and text of Access mini-tutorial

In VB code you can change the text color ( *.forecolor ) property of a textbox which is a long number. In this case the text box is ‘Approval_Rating’.

Unfortunately you can’t just say Approval_Rating.ForeColor = red but rather you have to use RGB( 255, 0, 0) to generate the correct color. Each parameter for RGB is a number between 0-255. You can look up the RGB value online for a color you want on sites like this or google it.

Making the Surreal Happen – Ignite Phoenix #14

Last Friday I gave a talk about one of my passions which is Painting With Light. I tend to do it on a bigger scale than some and I really get excited about it.


It’s been two years since I purchased my D7000

It’s been two years since I purchased my D7000!

I’ve taken a ton of pictures with it and I’m still very damn happy with the camera. I’ve taken around 28k pictures with it and it’s still doing pretty good.

The only problems that I have had with this camera is that the firmware didn’t deal well with two large SD cards initially. A firmware update fixed this issue thankfully.

Since then Nikon has released a lot of great cameras and I am anticipating an upgrade soon.

HeatSyncLabs balloon launch time lapse videos.

HeatSync Labs balloon launch -time lapse .m4v

HeatSync Labs balloon launch -time lapse iphone optimized

Flickr set of related pics

We had a successful launch and recovery of the weather balloon and payload. I was able to help with the launch and I made the time lapse video.

I will survive…

hey hey…

I’m still looking for work and have broadened my work search considerably. I’m glad I have degrees but they almost guarantee getting a full time non-professional job impossible.

110+ things I can’t do at work By Carter – R.I.P.

110 things I can’t do at work..
A whole bunch of activities that would get you in hot water if you worked in tech support and took it upon yourself to try.

rip big guy.

originally posted: November 13, 2008 – Steel Rats

Steel Rats is a gui wrapper for the command line source code auditing tool RATS. It examines C, Perl, php and python code for keywords that could cause security holes and provides a report for you to further investigate the possible security holes. Steel Rats traverses all the files and subfolders and audits it based on file extension. It currently searches all the keywords at once regardless of target files. Very basic threading is involved in Steel Rats but it is useful. This project is written in C# using the SharpDevelop IDE. I am putting it out there with a gpl2 license. Download Steel Rats

27 alligator panorma

This is a zoomify web version of a huge panorama I made of a fairly large grouping of alligators out at Payne’s Prairie near Gainesville Florida. 27 alligator panorama

Still Looking for work.

I have five years of programming experience a BA in MIS and a dual concentration MBA in Management of Technology and Global Business.

I’m relocating to the greater Phoenix area very soon in search of work.

Changeover to WordPress

I just changed over to WordPress so not everything is ported over or configured yet. I shall be updating this blog more now.

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